Energy-efficient Eco-Villas in Tbilisi
Location and concept
Eco-Village Community is the luxury settlement in 20min from Tbilisi city center
Unique climate and green spaces
Comfortable location with best views
Necessary infrastructure
Ecologically clean materials and renewable energy
Sports and kids venues
Unique Climate
Project is located at 1200 m from sea level. Local climate helps to improve body tonuse and allows to breath most pleasant way

Air temperature in summer is 8-10 gradus lower than in the Tbilisi

Near project is located Bioli wellness Resort.
You can reach local Restaurants, food stores, pharmacy in 3 minutes

From you future home you will have breathtaking views on the city and Kazbegi mountain

Project concept
"Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift" - Albert Einstein
New quality of lifestyle
Spaces with outstanding architecture and ecofriendly materials, with interesting people in neighborhood at unique climate zone
More than a House

Here aesthetic and modern technological solutions gives opportunity to live in harmony with nature.

Each villa has its own yard, with best panoramic views.

In public spaces you can use sports stadiums, kids entertainment, organic farm, where you can harvest fruits and vegetables, and bakery.

Special spaces for social gathering will allow to relax or work in nature

Community idea
Our main principle is to respect each others space and nature itself, while each of us will have equal possibility to take part in life of our project
Materials and technical solutions
Eco-friendly solutions to care about people and nature
  • Each villa will have its solar batteries
  • For windows and doors will be used insulated aluminum profiles and low-e glass packages
  • For heat insulation of facade and roof will be used ecofriendly safe materials
Acoustic insulation
In each element of the building where there is the possibility of sound transfer from one space to another, will be used acoustic insulation soundproofing materials to ensure calm and harmony in your house.
Fire safety
Each material will be compliant to relevant local and international fire safety requirements
Each house will have fire hydrant with 24 h water supply
Rainwater reuse and management
To minimize impact to the nature and maintain existing landscape we will maximize reuse of it with natural gravity flow system for:
  • fire reservoirs
  • irrigation
  • reserve purposes
Despite of 24/7 water supply project will have reserve reservoir for emergency water supply
Sewage water cleaning and reuse is intended
Types of Villa

1st stage of the project only 30 villas will be constructed. Below you can see their types with design options
Villas will be handled to the clients in Green Shell condition.

Villa - Harmony
2 story villa with total area of 210 sq.m

There are 14 available villas with following land (sq.m) attached: 1055(1), 968(1), 883(1), 828 (1), 778(1), 619(1), 591(1), 558(1), 568(1), 552(1), 499(1), 555(3)

Price: from 466,000$

Villa - Balance
2 story villa with total area of 160 sq.m
There are 7 available villas with following land (sq.m) attached: 552(1), 555 (3), 545(1), 566(1)
Price: from 426,000$
Villa - Healing
2 story villa with total area of 250 sq.m
There are 7 available villas with following land (sq.m) attached: 1257(1), 1292(1), 819(1), 759(1), 710(2), 679(1)
Price: from 559,000$
Payment terms and project deadlines
Project deadlines
Construction will Start June 2022 and will finish in December 2022
Public spaces and all infrastructure will be finished in June 2023
Payment Terms
1) Transfer
2) Cash
3) Crypto
4) Loan
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